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✔ Be memorable: Pay attention to your booth design, making sure your booth reflects your brand, showcases what you do and highlights how working with you benefits customers


✔ Invitations: Arrange meetings with key customers or prospects 4-6 weeks ahead of the show with your booth number and invite them to the show with your complimentary 6 VIP trade show passes that come with your booth


✔ Sampling & Prizes: Get your product into the hands of decision makers! Drive traffic at your booth with a Contest/Giveaway. Be creative


✔ Show Offers: Create a reason for attendees to buy at your booth with one-time show specials such as in-ad coupons, unique merchandising packs, reduced minimums, or free shipping to name a few





market your brand


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✔ Engage visitors: Proactively seeking opportunities to speak with retailers is fundamental to a successful GIC. Put your sales pitch to the ultimate test and have a mix of sales and senior management people available to talk to retailers at the show


✔ Be Seen: Attend the networking events, speaking sessions, and workshops—many of which are FREE! Take a look at the full agenda for the conference and trade show


✔ Register early: Register Now and save $ for the events that are right for you


✔ Get Social: Use #GICSHOW17 on social media to promote your products and drive traffic to your booth


✔ Capture leads: Collect business cards or use the show’s lead retrieval solution to scan attendee badges and capture sales leads. Remember to keep notes on what kind of follow-up the person wants




mingle with as many retailers


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Maximize your brand presence and ROI with trade show extras



✔New Product Showcase – Your products are displayed at the entrance of the show


✔Retailer Connect Meetings – Speed 1-on-1 meetings with retailers for a chance to get listed on grocery shelves


✔Sponsorships: Advertising and sponsorship elements will provide additional visibility for your business. More info: Joe Sawaged at jsawaged@cfig.ca



maximize your brand

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Maintain contact with retailers you meet



✔ Connect: Get contacts into your database and send follow-up within 24 hours – make sure not to delay this essential step!


✔ Follow up: Send out an email to prospects and existing customers with photos from the show detailing events.



maintain contact with retailers you meet


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Member discounts



✔ Being a member pays: Become a member of the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers to enjoy added benefits, industry advocacy and trade show discounts. Learn more


✔ Rebook your booth for next year to take advantage of even more discounts and continue to grow your business.



member discount

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