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What are the dates and hours of Grocery Innovations Canada 2017?

Monday, October 23rd – 11 AM to 4:30 PM

Tuesday, October 24th – 11 AM to 4:00 PM

Who will I be meeting at the show?

At Grocery Innovations Canada, you can expect to meet with Owners, Vice Presidents, Sr. Category Managers, Merchandising Directors, Marketing Managers, Store Planners and more. There is no question that you will be meeting with quality retailer attendees from across the nation who have a genuine interest in what you have to offer!


When are the move-in and move-out dates?

Move-In Dates

Saturday, October 21                     8 AM – 5 PM

Sunday, October 22                        8 AM – 2 PM


Move-Out Dates

Tuesday, October 24                      4 PM – 9 PM

Wednesday, October 25               8 AM – 11 AM


The show floor must be completely vacated by Wednesday, October 25 at 12 PM. Any questions regarding the move-in/move-out process may be directed to Nikki Cabral from Lange Transportation and Storage at nikkic@langeshow.com.

What is the ‘Top 10 Most Innovative Products’ and how can I be part of it?

The Top 10 Most Innovative Product awards will be bestowed to the exhibitors voted as the most ingenious of the show by an esteemed panel of judges. Products selected will be featured in a separate showcase and will gain an extraordinary amount of additional media exposure!


In order to be considered as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Products at Grocery Innovations Canada, you must have a spot in the highly visible New Product Showcase area by the Main Entrance.


Please contact Rolster Taylor at rtaylor@cfig.ca or (416) 492 – 4878 to reserve a spot today; limited spaces available. Fill out the New Product Showcase form  and send the completed version to rtaylor@cfig.ca or fax it in at (416) 492 – 2347. Be amongst one of the first companies to be seen by retailers before they enter the show floor!

What pavilions can be found at Grocery Innovations Canada 2017?

Check out the special pavilions featured this year by clicking HERE

Are any discounts offered for booth spaces?

Exhibiting discounts are applied to all members of the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers. Our pavilions include significant discounts and extra décor add-ons that make exhibiting more affordable for companies who need a helping hand. Contact Rolster Taylor for more information about where your company fits in Grocery Innovations Canada at (416) 492-4878 or rtaylor@cfig.ca.


Discounts are given to any exhibitor who books a booth by the Re-book deadline.

What is included with my booth space?

Each 100 sq. ft. booth will have the following included:


  • 8’ x 3’ side drape (black)
  • Free complimentary listing in the official printed Show Directory
  • Exhibitor E-News Updates
  • 5 Complimentary exhibitor badges for your staff (per 100 sq. ft.)
  • 6 Complimentary trade show retailer passes
  • Material handling from dock to booth (and return)
  • Removal, storage, and return of exhibit crates
  • 24 Hour professional security
  • Complimentary ice
  • Access to wash stations


*Carpeting is NOT included with a standard booth space. Please make necessary arrangements to ensure your exhibit space has flooring as this is a requirement as per show management exhibit regulations listed in the space application.

How do I register my booth personnel’s exhibitor badges?

Exhibitor badges can be pre-registered online via the registration link:


The password will be the company postal code provided on the submitted space application.


If you require any assistance with the registration process, please contact Jessica Herdsman at jherdsman@cfig.ca or (416) 492 – 5982.

Can I cook my products/sample my products at the event?

Absolutely! Retailers come to the show looking for your products and seek to gain a deeper understanding of them. Sampling is one effective way to help accomplish this and will encourage meaningful conversations with the attending buyers. Employ all five human senses to give attendees the best tasting experience!

Can I sell products at the show?

Yes! As exhibitors, we encourage you to create exclusive ‘Show Specials’ on the floor as a means to promote your company and attract retailers to your booth!



What are the guidelines for display rules and regulations for my booth?

Please refer to the guidelines for restrictions on exhibit design specific to each booth type.  It is mandatory for all exhibitors to complete and submit the Exhibit Design Form (found in the Exhibitor Manual) to receive approval from show management prior to the show. Show management reserves the right to allow exceptions upon their discretion.

Where can I find my exhibitor services order forms and all other exhibitor information?

All exhibitor information and order forms can be found in the Exhibitor Manual. Make sure to send in all mandatory forms as soon as possible to ensure you are completely ready for show time!


Any inquiries related to logistics and exhibitor services, please contact Jason An at jan@cfig.ca or (416) 492–1806.

Do I need insurance as an exhibitor?

Yes, as an exhibitor participating in the show you must have adequate liability insurance with a minimum $2,000,000 limit to protect yourself, fellow exhibitors, attendees and the show organizers. There are two ways to arrange for the required insurance:


a) Single event insurance

b) Your own insurance

    • Request a Certificate of Insurance with the following requirements below:

-Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers listed as an additional insured
-Dates: October 21-25, 2017 (includes move-in/move-out dates)
-Comprehensive General Liability of $2,000,000
-Bodily Injury and Property Management Liability subject to a maximum $1,000 deductible
-Products and completed operations liability
-Contingent Employers Liability
-Broad form Property Damage
-Cross Liability Clause
-Severability of Interest Clause

b) Once all requirements above have been met, please scan and e-mail a copy of your Certificate of Insurance to John Neo at johnn@exhibitorinsurance.com or fax the certificate to John’s attention at 1-866-296-4199.

Can I rent cold storage to keep my products refrigerated/frozen?

Yes, we will have refrigeration and freezer containers on-site. Please fill out the form here and indicate the amount of refrigerated space or freezer space required.

How can I become a sponsor for the show?

Please contact Joe Sawaged at jsawaged@cfig.ca or (416) 492 – 1507 to discuss customized packages and opportunities to put your brand in the spotlight!

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