Mike Sharpe

Mike Sharpe

Representative, FMS Solutions

As a third generation grocer, part of the Sharpe’s Food Market family in Campbellford, Ontario, Mike Sharpe has lived and breathed the grocery industry since he was a child. He is currently the Canadian representative for FMS Solutions and has made it his personal mission to help the independent grocers in Canada succeed. Sharpe’s Food Market has been a customer of FMS Solutions for just under two years. He joined with FMS because he saw the value they added to his family’s business and in his father’s words “this is something that every independent grocery store in Canada needs and most of them don’t even know it exists”.


Workshop 2 – Financial: FMS

Meeting Room 2 - TCC - North Building

Budgeting for the bottom line and how it can help with the minimum wage raise. Join Mike Sharpe + Jon Cline of FMS. The 2017 Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers Financial Survey results will be shared.

$ Conference